Introduction: Edit Any Website or Webpage Permanently

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Temporarily editing a website is a very good thing to make anyone fool.

Just like I had made all my friends fool. anyway, it has two methods :

  1. using the browser's developers tool panel.
  2. using javascript.

Step 1: Using the Developer Tool

To Edit A Webpage first of all open any web page that you wish to edit.

then right click on the text which you want to change then click click on the "inspect element" option

then developer tools panel will open now, search the text which you had selected to change in the

highlighted lines after this double click on that text and enter the new text.

Now you are Done.

Step 2: Using Javascript

To edit a page first open that page and type the following code in the address bar:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';document.designMode='on';void 0

and make sure that you have written "Javascript: "(without qoutes) before the code in address bar.

You are Done.

Sorry, For My Bad English.