Introduction: DIY Science Craft - Traversing Human Anatomy!

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How about traversing through the human body, its internals. Well, i wish you also get that experience through this instructable. And to be noted, we would work on each and every part in detail and that would help the maker to understand the human anatomy in a better way and if anyone wish to present as a gift to school goers, it will benefit them as well.


(Please refer the pictures).

Step 1: Making Outer Layer, Stencil Art!

As we would need it as a repeating process to draw the outer layer of the human body in every layer, i created a stencil with rough paper for the Outer layer. This will help us to draw the same size of the outer layer without much effort.

If in case, you are not quite comfortable with drawing then you ,may follow the measurements published in the picture. It will definitely help you to do with ease.

Step 2: Design Phase

In order to come up with this design, i referred to pictures from image search and designated the anatomy with six layers:

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 4

E. Layer 5

F. Layer 6

From the beneath to the upper. I.e., from the bottom of our body (spinal cord etc) to the outer layer(skin).

Layer 6:

Brain, Heart, Kidneys, Ribs and spinal cords, Urinary system, Backside skeleton(for head)

Layer 5:

Abdominal system - Stomach, small and large intestines, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder

Layer 4:

Rib cage - ribs, sternum

Layer 3:

Muscular system

Layer 2:

Nervous system

Layer 1:

Epidermis/outer skin

Though i am somewhat good in sketching in paper medium, i find it hard to use sketching app without Digital pencil with my ipad. May be i would need lot of practice with just fingers touch...:/

So here are some of my digital sketches from my ipad. These drawings are to give an overview on the layers i am gonna make. Just a rough figure..As these digital sketches are not part of final product, i do not want to add more effort to it as the main product itself requires lot of effort!

Step 3: Outline for Layer 6

At first, we need to mark the

1. centre point

2. symmetric lines on the chart

in accordance with the stencil.

For Layer 6 outline, i placed the stencil art on top of a pink coloured chart and drew the outline of the whole body.

Apart from the outer layer, i drew the outline of:


Spinal cord

so that it is easy for me to map the individual layer when placed the other layers on top of this layer 6.

Step 4: Making of Layer 6

On Layer 6, i have:


Spinal cord

Backside ribs



Urinary system

So lets see how i made each one of them in detail.

Step 5: Layer 6 : Brain

For Brain, i drew an outline of the brain, spinal cord on the pink chart where the full body outline is written.

I used a trace paper, and copied the brain outline. With this trace art of the brain, We will draw the brain full structure in a white chart paper.

Step 6: Layer 6 : Spinal Cord

Along with the brain, i made the spinal cord in continuation with it.

Now, aligned the brain and spinal cord after dissecting them from the chart paper. I used black sketch pen to mark the outer layer in bright.

Step 7: Layer 6 : Urinary System

To another white chart, placed beneath the spinal cord i drew the sketch for Urinary system.

Highlighted it with black colour sketch and attached it at the end of the spinal cord.

Step 8: Layer 6 : Backside Ribs

For the backside ribs to attach to the spinal cord, i cut thin layer of white chart paper in descending order of length as strips. Glued those strips and attached it to the ribs.

Added a scapula structure to the Clavicle ribs(the topmost rib).

Step 9: Layer 6 : Heart

For the heart, we would need :

Outer layer, as a opening and closing leaf of paper

Inner layer - Right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle, left ventricle

I cut a small chart paper, drew and colour the inner and outer layer, as shown in the pictures.

Step 10: Layer 6 : Kidney(s)

For the kidney, i did the same process as for the heart with inner and outer layer along with tnhat attaching a extended cord from the kidney bean structure to the urinary system.

Step 11: Layer 6 : Backside Skeleton(for Head)

For the backside skeleton(head part), i marked the outer layer with the help of stencil structure made earlier. And drew skeleton head structure to attach to the brain part as an opening leaf part (like we did for heart and kidneys).

Step 12: Completion of Layer 6

Step 13: Making of Layer 5

On Layer 5, we have:


Abdominal system - stomach, small and large intestines, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder etc

Step 14: Layer 5 : Lungs

For the Lungs, with the pink coloured chart i made:

outer layer - parietal pleura

inner layer - visceral pleura

These are also made as opening and closing leaf structures.

Step 15: Layer 5 : Abdominal System

For the Abdominal system which consists of


Small and large intestines



Gallbladder etc

We will draw a rough figure with pencil and then highlight with colours, as shown in the pictures.

Step 16: Completion of Layer 5

Step 17: Making of Layer 4

Layer 4:

Rib cage - ribs, sternum

Step 18: Layer 4 : Ribs Cage

I used white tape coloured with pink crayon and used to attach the rib cage to the next layer.

Step 19: Outline for Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3

Likewise, i used stencil and made the layer with pink coloured chart for:

Layer 1 - Epidermis

Layer 2 - Nervous system

Layer 3 - Muscular system

Step 20: Making of Layer 3(Muscular System)

Layer 3 - Muscular system, will be completed with sketching in red and shading with red crayon to complete the full layer.

Added to that, i cut the layer 3 at the centre portion to enable to keep it open/close at the end.

Step 21: Layer 3 : Muscular System

Step 22: Making of Layer 2(Nervous System)

Layer 2 - Nervous system, will be completed with sketching in red and blue as nerves layer.

Added to that, i cut the layer 2 at the centre portion to enable to keep it open/close at the end.

Step 23: Layer 2 : Nervous System

Step 24: Making of Layer 1(Epidermis/Outer Skin)

Step 25: Layer 1 : Epidermis

For the epidermis, i used brown, black sketch pens to highlight after drawing full figure with pencil.

Step 26: Layer 6 : Assembling With (White) Glue

You may place the individual parts at appropriate places and use (particularly) tissue tape and white glue to fix.

Step 27: Layer 5 : Assembling With (Tissue) Tape

You may place the individual parts at appropriate places and use (particularly) tissue tape and white glue to fix.

Step 28: Layer 4 : Assembling With (Tissue) Tape

You may place the individual parts at appropriate places and use (particularly) tissue tape and white glue to fix.

Step 29: Layer 3 : Completion

I added thin layers of red sketch and completed in full with red crayons.

Step 30: Written Notes

Added to that, in order to explain the anatomy i added written sheets wrapped inside a pink chart strips and inserted at places appropriately.

Step 31: Conclusion!

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