Educator's Guide - Using Instructables With Your Students




Introduction: Educator's Guide - Using Instructables With Your Students

  • Why to use Instructables with your students:
    • Instructables is a great place for your students to document a project-based-learning activity. There's no better way for a student to demonstrate that they learned something through a project than for them to document and explain it to others. The next time your child/student/scout/club member/camper completes a project-based-learning activity, consider using Instructables as a tool to supplement it!
  • How to use Instructables with your students:
    • Create a group for your students.
    • Have students create accounts and join your group.
    • Get permission as may be required from parents and your school or organization.
    • Share several model Instructables with your students to demonstrate a good project.
  • What kind of projects this rubric is good for:
    • The simplest way for your students to use Instructables is for them to use the site the same way its regular users do – as authors of Instructables that document their individual projects.  This rubric was designed to work especially well with a project-based-learning activity where students have the freedom to create their own project but are all required to document that work in the same way, in this case via Instructables.
  • About this guide:
    • The PowerPoint file in this Instructable contains an editable version of this rubric.
    • The scoring criteria for Written Communication are drawn directly from the US Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History, Social Science, and Technical Subjects. The full standards can be found at  An appendix of relevant standards can be found at the end of the PowerPoint file in this Instructable.
    • Please modify this rubric as needed for your students, and please share how you use it!

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