Edward Scissorhands

Introduction: Edward Scissorhands

Little Edward Scissorhands made from black patent pleather, belts with tons of grommets and studs, and a lot of glue gun sticks.

Edward Scissorhands is the first costume I've made 100% from scratch.  I was inspired by an Edward Scissorhands costume that I saw on Pinterest and the author of the blog was so confident that it was easy, she gave me hope for my newly acquired sewing skills.  She said that pleather was easy to work with and indeed it is!  I found an "It's Sew Easy" pajama pattern and made it out of black patent pleather.  The only modification I made to the pattern was to add a separable zipper up the back of the jacket so my daughter could get in and out of easily.  And yes, this is my daughter.  She's 5.  The expressions are all her.  This is her 3rd Johnny Depp character costume. 

After sewing the black patent pleather jammies, I hot glued pieces of belts to them to make the outfit.  Her "scissors" are plastic knives and cut-up silly straws that I painted silver and glued to gloves.

I did her make-up with Ben Nye clown white facepaint, but in a very light layer because Edward doesn't have thick make up.  I used a reddish brown eye shadow around her eyes, and a dark brown eyeshadow above her nose and to her eyebrows to make the "furrowed brow" look.  A little reddish brown eyeshadow contouring on her cheeks and the tiniest bit of lipstick at the center of her lips made her face look close to authentic. 

Her hair goes down to her waist, so that part was tricky.  I braided the bottom half of her hair and pinned it completely underneath to make it kind of go away.  Then I ratted and teased her hair, pinned it halfway up, pulled out the whisps, and spray painted the whole thing black with black hair spray (temporary).  The posing is all her and the photography is all me.  :)

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