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This was a last minute costume idea I had last year and thought Id share.
I literally made this 2 days before Halloween. The only thing I purchased was the wig for $10, everything else I already had.
The shirt & pants are a given, just a white shirt and grey dress pants. I used a black turtle neck shirt under. I cut an old belt I had and hot glued the pieces to the front of the turtleneck. i then used the length w the buckle for my neck. The suspenders were cut then put back together with safety pins.
The makeup i did on my own< but used this video as a reference.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAgxoBvZYUg&feature=colike Makeup by Kandee, shes awesome!
The wig I purchased was ok, but i hung it upside down on a hager, and sprayed it with hairspray repeatedly for the 2 days.
The hands are handmade with things I had laying around. I used an old pair of gloves, foam, foil, foamboard and some other things to make these. I had a coupe old Freddy hands from years before... the plastic fingertips made a great base for my scissors and I wasnt using them anymore so I hacked em apart!
I used the foamboard to make the actual "scissors" as it is light and wont hurt anyone. I used some thin sheet foam and covered that in foil to make base pieces to add things to on the gloves. I found some old sewing machine parts, and childs scissors, so why not use em? I used the childs scissors for the finger hole parts only ( no real scissors were used as blades). Sewing machine parts, pen springs, small screws and metal parts were then glued to them.
I glued the freddy glove finger tips, then glued the "scissors" i had cut from foamboard and painted silver to these so they have added strength and stability.
I did one last glueing of all parts so they would last, and viola! Edward you are!
for being a lastt minute costume, I got rave reviews and won 3 contests w it. I won money, Rams football tickets, and a nice bottle of rum! Never doubt your abiity to be awesome on a budget and last minute, it may just be the most Halloween fun youve had in a while!!!

The pic of me holding a beer is to show u can function w the hands on, it just takes a lil more than normal to get used to. I also sang Kareoke and had no problems!

Hope you enjoy....
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    Nice call with the black turtleneck. It seems so obvious, but I never would have thought of using it.