Introduction: Eepy Bird Mock-up

Who hasn't been inspired by an Eepy Bird performance with Coke and Mentos?

But realistically who actually goes out and buys 100 bottles of Coke and 500 Mentos? And given that it will be your first try, you'll need a whole bunch extra.

So here's the deal, this summer you can stay cool and have fun trying your own spin on this classic performance.

Step 1: Materials

1) A bunch of people

2) Water Shooter such as a squirt gun, spray bottle, garden hose, squeeze bottle, syringe...etc (please be mindful of water conservation in drought areas). Each person should have their own water squirter.

3) Water to fill all the shooters

4) Optional coloring such as food coloring or natural ones found in juice and veggies. Be aware that the coloring may stain clothes.

Variation: Add other liquid explosions such as water balloons, paint balls...

Variation: Add solid enhancements such as confetti poppers...

Variation: Add gas such as a fog machine, dry ice, bubbles, smoke, foam maker, whipper...

Variation: Add Special Effects - add lights, sound, music, magic, balloons

Variation: Add Cause and Effect - Think Rube Goldberg where one reaction starts another reaction.

Step 2: Performance

The idea of the coke and mentos is that a whole lot of pressure builds up and the liquid is forced through a narrow opening. The size and shape of the opening gives different results. You can experiment with different nozzles but first let's try some basics.

Holding your water squirter shoot straight up, this is the classes center single hole nozzle effect. You may be able to adjust the height by the abruptness of the trigger.

Now try shooting in different directions and angles - up, down, side to side, backwards..etc

Now add a motion such as swinging your arms from one direction to another

Now try the timing between squirts. Continuous is to keep pressing really really fast which may simulate the unobstructed geyser. By putting a pause in between squirts is the equivalent of placing your finger on the nozzle to hold the soda in but there is still pressure to add another blast.

Now get everyone together like a large band or dance group and start shooting.

After you find a good layout for everyone you can replace the water squirters with actual bottles of carbonated sugarfree liquid, mentos and a rolled piece of paper.

You have just saved a whole lot of money so go ahead and splurge.

If you use a clear sugarer carbonated liquid such as diet sprite you can add color, whether food coloring or natural colors from juice and fruit.

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