Introduction: Effective Cough Syrup Medicine for Dogs (Short Video)

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To make a very effective cough medicine
I have grated one lemon and finely grated on the serrated edge of the grater and this will give us a fine rind and this releases all of the natural oil the rind will be put in this pot this has a very fine filter but you can use any other type of filter that is at hand We will then juice the lemon And we will add some boiling water to the lemon peel Then we will add the honey, two large teaspoon full of honey to sweeten the mix then we will add 10 drops of Lugol's Iodine, this is 10% You are more likely to get 5% so you will need twice as many drops You will need a container to put the cough medicine in You will need a dropper to measure out the drops of the iodine And then you will need another This is the magic ingredient When the mixture has cooled down, this is Blue Mountain Gum Eucalyptus oil, I make it myself, see my video online and this is actually amazing. So when the mixture has cooled down, we will add four to five drops of this And each time you use it you will need to shake up the bottle with the cough medicine in and this will make sure that the oil is mixed. The eucalyptus oil is mixed thoroughly. What we use then is one of these baby medication adapters for the bottle. That fits inside the bottle neck And then the baby syringe, which is five mi's for an adult dog And that goes in there It now makes a seal, so you shake the bottle up, turn it upside down and draw off your five mills, No mess and that is then squirted inside the dogs mouth. The dog seems to like it so not a problem there And the iodine that we have added is a marvellous preservative, it's also effective against respiratory problems, it also attacks the bacteria the puss and the mucus So the lemon rind contains natural oils which fight the bacteria again, the lemon juice yet another powerful antiseptic And the oil that we have used, the Blue Mountain Gum is absolutely incredible, it kills off all the pathogens, so we have hit it from every conceivable angle. And let's not forget the honey, because the honey is also another powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and although we have used it for sweetening, it is yet another effective attack on the mucus and the pathogens and the microbes that cause the problems. So we need to pour the boiling water through the lemon peel As you can see it is better to use un-waxed lemons With two good teaspoons of honey and we have got the lemon skin which we have extracted the oils and we have added the juice of the lemon And if we just taste it it is very sweet. Now what we need to add to this is the Lugol's Iodine, again this I make myself, so if you look on my video channel Andrew K Fletcher, you can see how we make this. But you can purchase it, but you are more likely to get a five percent, but this is a genuine 10% And for this mix we will add ten drops This acts as a preservative for the cough medicine Just give it a bit of a mix I always use one of these bottles. This bottle contained surgical spirits. It has got a nice safe cap So now we will add this to the bottle And then the magic ingredient is the Blue Mountain Gum Eucalyptus Oil Again I make this, look on my video channel Use a clean pipette for this And to this you need to add four drops. It is very strong, well maybe five we will go five drops. And the important thing is that once you have added the eucalyptus oil give it a good shake and each time you use the medicine do the same, shake it again. Now to administer the medicine These are the medicine applicators that enable you to fit a syringe to the bottle. And this is used for baby medications So if you know anyone that has a baby, they will probably give you one of these. And the five mill syringe. Again shake it up Draw off your five mill's, now this is five mills for an adult bull terrier. Now we will go and find a willing participant This is Ruby, Ruby has a cough Hello Rube Good Girl ]What a good girl Very easy to administer And she doesn't seem to mind it.

Step 1: Finely Grate the Lemon Rind and Add Boiling Water

Take a medium sized un-waxed lemon and grate skin with serrated side of grater to help release the limonine oil.
Using a spoon crush the grated lemon peel in the boiling water to liberate as much of the oil as possible. Strain and add oil infused water to a small vessel. Add two large teaspoons of honey and dissolve in the mixture.
Juice the lemon and add the juice to the mixture.

Step 2: Add 10 Drops of 10% Lugol's Iodine

Lugol's iodine is added to preserve the cough syrup and to impart anti-microbial anti-parasite anti-viral properties and to aid breaking down stubborn mucus.
Remember that we are making around 150 millilitres of cough medicine and administering at max of 5 mill's per dose so although 10 drops of iodine seems a lot, when administered it is divided by 5 mills give 32 doses at 1-2 times a day =0.3 of a drop per dose.
Mix and add to storage bottle. I prefer using empty surgical spirit / hydrogen peroxide 200 mill bottles with child proof caps.

Step 3: Add 4-5 Drops of Eucalyptus Oil

To the mixture, I add 4-5 drops of Blue Mountain Gum Eucalyptus oil

I make this oil myself, see my other instructables on making essential oils by steam distillation, using a pressure cooker and copper pipe.

This oil is a very powerful decongestant, anti-irritant, antiseptic, and gentle pain killer. It breaks down mucus and kills bacteria effectively.
When added to the lemon, iodine, water and honey it brings rapidly relief from stubborn coughing, even when antibiotics have failed this syrup has shown remarkable effectiveness and brings long lasting relief within minutes of administering it.

NOTE: If your dog has a stubborn cough, that has been around for more than a few weeks, you will need to take your dog to the vet to have it's heart and lungs checked to make sure it is not a life threatening condition. You may also need to consider administering medication for worms and other parasites that can cause persistent coughing.
Ruby has been to the vets, we have given her 3 different types of antibiotics and satisfied that she doesn't have a heart condition, we chose this alternative route which appears to work well.

Hope this is useful. Good luck and thank you for viewing
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