Egg and a Door Gag

Introduction: Egg and a Door Gag

 Hi. Today I am going to show you how to do a harmless joke on someone that is really quite funny.
It involves a door an egg and 1 victim.

Step 1: Materials

 To start this prank all you need is a simple Egg, any will do really. and a hinged door. Last but not least you need a victim. 

Note- chose a victim that has a sense of humor, not someone who will never forgive you (i.e. Grumpy from Snow White) 

Step 2: Execution

 First of all you are going to tell your subject you would like to do a magic trick on them. It goes like this:
         You: Hi John(victim)
        John: Hi Joe(you)
        You: hey John i would like to show you a magic trick.
        John: why sure Joe.
        You: Okay it goes like this. I am going to make an egg disappear.
        John: No way! This I must see.
        You: Just put your Thumb and Index finger through the crack between the door and its frame. 
        John: In-between the hinges?
        You: Yes. Now that you have done that, hold on to this egg and look away.
        John: Okay, done that, now what?

While "John" is looking away leave or just sit-down nearby and watch as he/she tries to get out of the "trap" without breaking the egg. They can't! unless you help them out of the Gag or their arms are like elastics and can stretch they are pretty well stuck there. Well at least until somebody gives in and they drop the egg or you give them a helping hand.

Note: Remember to assure them that you  wont crush their fingers in the door. I also recommend that you do this early in the morning before they come to realize  its April Fools Day!

Step 3: Finished

Hope you enjoyed that EGG-tastic prank, and hope you will try it out on your friends on april fools day. Goodbye and have an EGG-cellent  day! :D

John and Joe: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!

Note; WATCH OUT- they may be craving payback after such a devious yet harmless joke. Have Fun! :D

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Even if you warn the victim, and have no intention of hurting their fingers, this sounds like an accident just waiting to happen.

    Instead asking them to put their fingers through the door (which anyone with any real intelligence won't do anyway), perhaps you could just stick the handle of a spoon through from the other side, ask them to hold the spoon by the handle, and then set the egg on it?
    This way, the joke would have the same effect, you'd get more people to fall for it, and it would be a lot safer. (Especially if little kids are watching, who might try it on small friends later...)

    In fact, you don't even need to mention the egg (secretly keep it in your pocket), and have ready some other "reason" to hold the spoon handle. (Maybe "Would you like to see me make a chicken appear on the spoon?") Then, the egg would be more of a surprise!

    Remember, the best pranks are always the ones where nobody gets hurt.
    The worst are the ones where someone does...



    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Two variations:

    1) If you would like to pull this prank to someone that you know already knows about the joke (they obviously wouldn't fall for it again), you can ask him to hold the spoon just long enough for you to take a picture for this Instructible.
    Take the picture, then say "thanks!", and walk away, again...

    A person fells even more stupid when they fall for the same joke twice!

    2) If you want less of a mess, do it with a hard-boiled egg, but don't tell the victim.
    It will be that much more funny, once they realise that they could have dropped the egg from the bottom hinge at any time! :)

    Happy Easter!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

     no i don't. :(    I misplaced my camera around 1 year ago. Never did find it.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    make sure not to do this with a door that people like to keep closed, someone may walk by and break your victim's fingers (and/or thumb....try doing anything with a broken thumb)