Introduction: Egg Buns - Easy and Impressive.


Yet another DIY for you. A Hot Egg Roll, easy to make, impressive appetizer for your party. All the necessary information in the video but for those of you that want detailed instructions, just read the following steps with the photos taken during the Hot Egg Roll production ;). Enjoy.

Step 1: What Do You Need.

One bread knife, one or more round rolls (buns), a number of eggs equivalent to the number of rolls.

Step 2: Step No.1

Cut off the top of the roll.

Step 3: Step No.2 Prepare the Roll

Take out the inside of the roll. Do not take too much as the egg will leak. There has to be enough room to accommodate one egg and some spices and top ups.

Step 4: Step No.3

Load the egg into the roll and top it up with your favorite spices. I have chosen a bit of salt, loads of white pepper and loads of red paprika powder. U can use chilli peppers, I would go for Scotch Bonnet if I had some, (u have to remember that they r very hot!!!) cut into small pieces, without any problem making the dish very Mexican ;). I added a bit of low temperature melting fat chase as well. You egg roll is ready for the oven.

Step 5: Step No.4

Load the roll into the oven for about 20-25 min @180 centigrades thats 356 Fahrenheit. The time will vary depending on the oven type, forced air circulation etc. so you will have to experiment with your oven go get the desired effect. I usually try to have the egg roll very soft inside with the liquid yoke and the white barely done. You simply have to observe the time required for the desired effect in your oven so next time you will be able to set the timer up.

Step 6: Step No.5

You egg roll is nice and ready. Because no fat is used for the egg processing the white is going to be very delicate and hot, so you will have to wait a bit longer than with the regular fried egg as the bun works like a thermo flask keeping the egg nice and warm for longer. Load your favorite ketchups and garlic mayonnaises or mustard and enjoy your extremely easy but tasty and good looking appetizer.

That's it hope you will like it.