Introduction: Egg Carton Paint Palette W/ Brush Holders

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Create an easy to make egg carton paint palette with holes to hold your paintbrushes.

Materials Needed:
Egg carton
Phillips-head screwdriver
Aluminum foil (optional)

Step 1: Flip and Punch

Open the egg carton and flip it upside-down. Find the middle spot between the egg holders. Take your screwdriver and punch a hole in that area.

Step 2: Make More Holes

Continue punching holes in the same areas if you wish to have more brush holders.

Step 3: Add Aluminum Foil (Optional)

This next part is optional. You can add aluminum foil in the holders if you want a quick way of disposing the paint when you are done. All you have to do is cut a small square piece of aluminum foil and evenly apply it to the egg holder. It doesn't have to look fancy. It just has to get the job done :D

Step 4: Add Paint

Add your paint. The best thing about using an egg carton as a paint palette is that the egg holders can hold more paint than a regular paint palette.

Step 5: Add Coins to Balance

If your egg carton palette is a bit wobbly, just add coins or something heavy on the corner that is lifting up.

Step 6: Paint Away!

Congratulations! You just made your very first egg carton paint palette. Just add your brushes and paint away! :D