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Introduction: Egg Decorating Experiments

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Decorating eggs has been a wonderful childhood pastime and each year, without fail, we get together and dye eggs. In recent years I have been trying to add some new fun to the age old tradition. Last year I first attempted the Silk Tie Dye method with so much success I did it again this year. I also had an epiphany to try using painters tape! I hope everyone’s Easter was fantastic and maybe these fun tips will inspire you for next year. Or, perhaps at some random day during the middle of the year when you just need some colorful eggs.

Up first: Using Painter’s Tape To Create Dynamic Use of White Space!

1. Painters Tape
2. Scissors
3. Markers

Step 1: Experiment One: Confetti Pattern

Cut your painter’s tape into any shape you want and place it on the egg. I found that it works best on freshly hard boiled eggs that have been dried. For the above egg I cut narrow pieces and covered the egg and dyed it. Once I got it to the intensity I removed it and dabbed it dry. Take off the painter’s tape and add others. Overlapping is encouraged! Then dip into another color or your choosing. Dry and remove tape.

Step 2: Experiment Two: Bow Tie

I even cut a bow tie. This worked the best because the piece was small enough that the curve of the egg didn’t create any creases where dye would seep in. Time to bring in the markers! Use non-toxic and have some fun. I saw someone had drawn mustaches on their eggs and of course I had to do it too!

Step 3: Get Creative

Have fun and try new things! Pens, stickers, natural dyes, stamps, non-toxic paint. Think of the shell as your canvas!

Step 4: Silk Tie Dye

I am going to do a second Step by Step (though I am sure it has been covered on here before) of how to do this fantastic DIY. Dye your eggs with silk ties and behold how the pattern transfers to the shell of the egg! This was my second year in a row doing this and it turned out great! Even better than last years attempt.

Happy Making!

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