Introduction: Egg Omelette Prepared in Cookie Cutter Moulds

We make omelette normally by pouring the beaten egg mixture on a flat frying pan. This time I have tried making omelette using cookie cutters as mould over the frying pan. The omelette turned out quite well to the shape of the cookie cutter moulds.

Step 1: Make Omelette Mix

  • Finely chop one onion and two green chillies.
  • Break 3 eggs and add with onion and green chillies in a hollow container
  • Beat the mix with an electric operated hand mixer

Step 2: My Initial Failure

After oiling the cookie cutter moulds, I have placed them together on the frying pan and poured omelette mix in them. Immediately most of the mix flowed out through the bottom of mould. A lesson learned... You have to pour the mix in small quantities in the moulds to prevent it from flowing out

Step 3: Pouring Omelette Mix in the Moulds

  • Oil the inside of moulds and keep them on the frying pan over low flame
  • Using a spoon, pour omelette mix in small quantities inside the mould
  • Add drops of oil on the sides and cover the mould with a lid

Step 4: Turn Over the Moulds

  • Check to see that the bottom portion of omelette is cooked well.
  • Turn over the cookie moulds on the frying pan so that the other side of omelette can be cooked over the pan

Step 5: Remove From Mould

  • Once both sides are properly cooked, remove the moulds from the pan and allow to cool
  • Press down the omelette and release them from the moulds

Step 6: Enjoy Cookie Shaped Omelette

I have made many pieces of omelette using different shaped cookie cutter moulds which you can see in the above pictures. Kids will love the cookie shaped omelette and love to eat it.

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