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Introduction: Egg Toss Painting

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So I came across this painting activity on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try. For the past week I have been carefully saving up eggs. Today was the day we filled them with diluted paint and threw them at a poster board. I’d like to try this again with a canvas, but due to the self-quarantine, I’m not going out to buy a large canvas right now.


  • Carefully emptied egg shells
  • Acrylic paint
  • Water or Floetrol (or other paint thinner)
  • Cups to stir paint
  • Something to stir with like a popsicle stick
  • Canvas or some other medium to paint

Step 1: Collect Egg Shells

When using eggs in cooking, carefully crack the top and peel out a small section, dump your egg yolk and whites into whatever you are cooking and then return the egg into the container. Do this until you’ve saved up enough egg shells for your project. You can also carefully rinse them out with water before storing them in the egg container.

Step 2: Mix Paint

Mix your paint with water or other medium thinner. We just cut open our used water bottles so that we don't have to wash cups or purchase disposable cups. Reuse and recycle whatever you can! You'll need something to stir with so make sure you have a stick or paint brush or something to stir with.

Step 3: Pour Paint Into Eggs

Carefully pour the paints into the egg shells. You can also add an extra step of covering the holes with tape, saran wrap, or something else... but I just trusted that my kids could throw these without making too much of a mess. (Note....I was wrong)

Step 4: Toss Eggs at Canvas

Carefully pick up the eggs and throw them at your canvas! We didn't have a large canvas, so we taped a piece of poster board onto a folding table. This would probably work with a piece of plywood, large canvas, or other mediums. Be creative and let me see what you do! Take some slow motion videos while you are at it.... it is so worth it!

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    Zenmonk Gladiator
    Zenmonk Gladiator

    2 years ago

    I love white eggs with pink paints inside! They're nice 💛🚀🤗😍😃