Introduction: Automatic Egg Turner for Incubator

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I am making this egg turner which is good for turning the eggs in incubator so we don't have to turn them by hand it's easy to make and simple enough to understand it's method ,I am using pvc pipes wood piece and some other parts to make fully working incubator egg turner.


1 inches pipe cover x 12

13'' pvc pipe x 6

Bike Oil pump gear set x 6

Bike oil pump gear chain x 1

12'' wood pieces x 4

16'' wood pieces x 2


Nut bolts with washers

Asmo motor

Pvc connector x 1

Step 1: End Cap As a Rollers

Make a center hole in end caps and place the nut bolt and tighten leave some space and put nut again then washer and the roller gear and secure it with washer and nut now it can roll with the help of chain make about 6 roller end caps and 6 pieces simple

Step 2: Making Structure

take 12'' piece of wood and mark at 4.5 cm and from that point mark over 21 cm and then mark 4.3 cm in between them 4 times now it make 6 times marked , make them align by pointing 1 cm so all holes will be same height ,drill holes on those marks , place another 12'' on that same wooden pieces make holes and drill holes in that as well making it same thing which will hole the pipe from another shaft keep it away and place 2 pieces on the first stacking and tighten them with screws making it bigger because we need to place roller rubber on those pieces.

Place the 16'' piece over the piece and tighten it with the screws repeating on all the corners make it rectangle rack

Step 3: Connecting Pvc With Woods

Place the pvc pipe made but take out the gear roller and then place all the pvc in the place and then place the rubber back on the spot tuck over the chain on the rollers

Step 4: Giving the Chain Some Tension

Place the rubber roller on the space between 2 gears giving the chain tension so chain get some friction over the gear and roller work best when place make a mark with the nail on all 5 pieces we only need 2 pieces for the tension but it might work best of you want it more tighten by placing more than 2 pieces,drill holes and place nut bolt on it and place the rubber roller over the chain.

Step 5: Placing Motor

Take out the wood from other side and the end cap , place pvc connector over the asmo motor shaft and tighten it with screws place the motor over the pvc pipe and marr where it can be fix and cut the part out place the motor in the pipe and tighten with screws place the wood back on pipes.

Step 6: Covering Chain

Put the hot glue on the roller rubbers and place them over the first and last gear rollers so the chain won't come off ,Just plug the power on the motor and it will start working perfectly also it need to controlled with timer so if you want to see that you can watch the video if you like this tutorial please like and vote for this instructable.