Introduction: Egg Turner for Incubator 45 Degree Rotation

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Hi Today I am making a egg turner for incubator which will rotate 360 degree on 45 degree angle which will not only rotate the eggs as well and it's space convininet for small homemade incubator ,if you want to see in detail please watch the video and if you like this tutorial please vote for it.

Step 1: Things We Need

9 inches by 9 inches round 2 mm mdf board

4 inches nut bolt and washers

6301 Bearing

9 inches lenght mdf board x 2

Asmo motor or Any gear motor which can be attached with bolt

Plastic 30 eggs tray

Step 2: Center of the Circle

Make a dimension of the 4.5 in the center from both sides and make a hole with a drill machine

Step 3: Rolling Point

Place bolt after putting washers on both sides and tighten it with nut so bolt will be round when connect to motor and rotate the platform as well

Step 4: Placing the Bearing

Make on one piece of board where the bearing will be placed it should be about 1 inches from the top create a hole , make holes from all three sides for the screw to hold it in place , put the hot glue on all it's edges .

Step 5: Fitting the Motor

Make hole on the pvc cap and tighten it over the bolt then put half inches screws from the sides while putting the motor shaft in the cap , now the motor will rotate the whole platform when powered.

Step 6: Making 45 Degree Triangles

Place a 45 degree angle scale over mdf board and make 45 degree angle cut out two pieces from it , place them over the side of motor and tighten with the screws on the 9 inches board same with other pieces, place other 9 inches board under the part and tighten it with screws last thing is to give motor some support needed 4 inches small piece place under the motor and side of it and tighten them both with screws.

Step 7: Final Process

Place the egg tray upside down so the eggs will get some support and won't slip out , place it into the center position and hot glue the holes it have to the board put glue in the possible places where it will be attached to the board , now carefull put the eggs on it and it will rotate the eggs on 360 degree on 45 degree angle which is good for hatching eggs process,

if you want to see it in detail please watch the video and if you like this tutorial please vote for it , thanks have a nice day

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