Introduction: Egg Boat Candle

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“In the darkness, an egg is shining ..., It’s an egg boat.”
Egg boat is an egg that filled from candle and is floating on the water. That shine for many hours in the night.

Step 1: Materials

  • Egg
  • Solid paraffin
  • Candlewick: 2.5 cm (for each egg)

Step 2: Cracking

Take the egg with your hand, then make a small hole on top and cleave it more very slow until you have a medium hole in top.
Don’t break the button of the egg so much, because if you do that, the water may goes in your egg, when you put it in water.

Step 3: Melt the Paraffin

To make the paraffin fused, you should put a water pot on the fire, then put your paraffin in another pot (smaller that previous pot) and float it on water. The paraffin should melt from the water's heat.

  Don’t put paraffin on directly fire. 

Step 4: Make the Candle

Don’t miss time, the paraffin will become solid again very soon. Fill the half of the egg with fused paraffin. Then put a small candlewick on it and hold it with your hand until become fixed (about 20 seconds).
After 15 minutes, paraffin become solid and your candle is ready.

Step 5: Floating

It’s time to see the result of your work! Ignite the candlewick and float your egg boat on the water.
Just like a dreamy boat…

Q- I ignite the candlewick, but after a few second, top of the membrane of the egg become burned. Is that a problem?
A- No, there is not any problem. The heat only burn a few part of egg. And it only become black. Without any problem. Also the black shadow will make your egg more beautifuler!

Q- How much time the candle will be on ?
A- Many hours!

Q- May I use my egg boat(s) in home? Or they for wide waters only?
A- You can do many works with egg boats. At home or in wide waters. For example you can use them like a nightlight.

Enjoy from your egg boats …

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