Introduction: Egg in a Basket

This idea came to me a few years ago after watching V for Vendetta of all things ask the main character made breakfast.  Although I didn't know the specifics of what he had made I decided to go to the kitchen and try some things out for myself and this is what I came up with.


Sliced Bread
Butter or Margarine
Bacon (Chopped)
Cheese (Your Favorite Kind)

From time to time I have been known to make Hash Browns and throw them on top of this too, but I didn't do that in this Instructable.

First after you have gathered your ingredients take your slices of bread and cut out squares big enough to give your egg room, here my squares were close to 11/4 inches and my eggs where Large Grade A Eggs so its was a little tight fit but we want enough bread for good toast when we are done.

Step 1: Starting the Baskets

In a large skillet melt enough butter or margarine to coat the bottom of the pan.  Then once melted lay your cut slices of bread in the pan.  Now put your eggs center of the slices.  Salt and pepper your eggs to tastes.  Once the egg whites have started to form (you can see through to the bottom) raise the slice with a spatula and add a small slice of butter\margarine to the pan again and flip to cook the other side.  Now this is exactly the same as making fried eggs and you will need to cook them to how you like them ( over easy, over medium, fully cooked, that is up to you.)

Step 2: Toppings

Ok, now that you have flipped them and started cooking the other side you can decide on toppings.  If you are a egg and toast kind of person then congratulations you are almost done.  However if you are feeling wild and crazy you can put anything you want on them.  In this Instructable I put crumbled bacon and shredded triple cheddar on mine.  While the bottom is cooking is a good time to add cheese if you are going to cause it helps it melt.  From this point on its really up to you to watch them because they can cook quickly.  

Step 3: Serve and Enjoy

Alright here it is all finished and ready to eat.  Depending on how you chose to make your eggs you can either pick it up and eat it with your hands or use a fork if you kept the yokes really runny.  Enjoy!

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