Introduction: Egg in a Blanket

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A cheese blanket that is!

I had a hankering to make an Instructable and whipped up what is one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten - a scrambled egg in a hard shell of chipotle cheddar cheese - perfect for the non wheat eaters in the crowd as well as anyone who appreciates a meal that costs <$.50 to make and takes <5 minutes.

I made this up on the fly while cooking as you can tell by my hackneyed videos :)

1) Nonstick frying pan
2) Spatula

1 egg
1 piece of sliced cheese

Step 1: Scramble the Egg

Step 2: Melt the Cheese

Push the eggs off to the side (or if you're less lazy than I am you could put them on another plate).

Drop a slice of cheese into the pan at medium heat.
Move the egg on top of the cheese and try to align it in a row in the center of the cheese in a  "filling" shape.

Let it sizzle and sizzle till you see the edges browning nicely. (Probably 30 seconds - 1 min.)

Turn off heat once you see holes and grease all over the cheese and the edges are getting dark. This means the whole bottom is probably dark.

Step 3: Roll Up the Cheese With the Egg Inside

Using your spatula, if the cheese is starting to firm try loosening the cheese on all sides and working QUICKLY before it cools down, fold the cheese over or ideally roll it up with the egg in the middle.

Then toss it on a plate.

(I need to figure out how to convert the video to another file type but the mayhem is worth seeing!)

Step 4: Eat Your Creation

I haven't even previewed my video and the thing is a mess. (It was the very first time I'd ever made one.) But boy could I have eaten another and another!

Hope you enjoy.