Introduction: Egg Shell Vase

It is a vase made from egg shell decorated with paints and other materials that can be used for decors on easter and other occasions .It is a waste management project.

Step 1: Preparing the Shell Structure

* First take an egg.
* Put a small hole on the top of it and empty the contents in it.
* Rinse the shell carefully.
* Apply any gum/ fevicol(adhesive) to make the shell hard.
* Paint the shell with your favourite colour.

Step 2: Decorating the Shell.

Decorate the shell by using materials you like such as paper pieces, glitters, designs using markers , stickers, etc. to make it more attractive by pasting them carefully on the shell.

Step 3: Making It Stable

* Take a small lid of a water bottle.
* Paste it on the bottom of the shell by painting it the same colour as of shell or decorate it with any glitters etc.
* Fill the shell with sand or salt to half to make it heavy.

Step 4: Finishing Step

Put any small flowers like buds of roses or any other artificial flowers to make it more attractive.
Use them by putting it on your table and show your talent and artistic skills to all.
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