Introduction: Eggciting Washi Eggs

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Washi Tape is a decorative paper tape. The name Washi refers to a Japanese paper. This decorative tape is great because it removable and repostionable. The tape is usually slightly translucent and a little stretchy. Most rolls come in 1/2 inch (1cm) widths, It comes in a ton of designs.

I am crazy about copper so when I saw these tapes I decided on this eggciting project!

Step 1: Supplies

Washi Tape (Hobby Lobby) Use the app and the 40% off coupon.

Plastic Eggs (.59 cents a dozen -Hobby Lobby)


Step 2: Wrapping the Eggs

I decorated the eggs by cutting the tapes into different widths of strips. Decorations are horizontal and vertical.

Step 3: Decorating the Egg

Measure around the egg, cut the tape. Peel off the backing of the tape, starting at the bottom of the egg attach the tape.

Step 4: Stretching the Tape

As you wrap the egg gently pull the tape and press into the egg to get the wrinkles out.

Step 5: The Next Step

The eggs were so much fun to make I made 5 dozen one night. I hadn't decided how to use them. Easter Brunch Tablescape will be perfect.

Step 6: Pulling It All Together

Table Setting

I had the Bunnies, Tablecloth and dishes


Copper Silverware

Glasses (came with solid copper band)

Deviled Egg Plate ( all from .99 cent store)

I thought the plain white plates looked a little dull so I added tape is removable so I added it to the plates and cups.

Step 7: The Details

I was trying not to duplicate any of the designs. I tried using the taped whole and found that is was hard to get the wrinkles out. Some of the designs are a little wider than others.

Step 8: Easter Brunch

The plates are pretty decorated. It brings the setting together.

Step 9: Happy Easter

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Step 10:

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