Introduction: Eggs and Bacon Candy

This here is a treat that is simple to make and tastes really good, bacon and eggs candy, with a few simple ingredients. You can create this in less than an hours time.

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials

You'll need

-Yellow and Green M and M's (Just buy a Bag and sort the colors out)
-A bag of white chocolate chips (Amounts used may vary)
-Mini Pretzel sticks
-Parchment Paper
-Pan (optional)

Step 2: Set-Up

First you'll need to take the parchment paper and lay it out on the pan.

Step 3: Set-Up Pretzels

Now set up the pretzels in groups of 3 and equally spread them out in rows and columns.

Step 4: Sort the M and M's

Open up a bag of M and M's and sort the yellow and green M and M's from the other colors that way you can make Regular eggs and bacon or green eggs and ham.

Step 5: The Egg Whites

To make the candy egg whites, take the bag of white chocolate and dump it in a microwave safe bowls, next heat it for 20 seconds. Then stir it, heat it for another 20 seconds, and stir it. Put it in the microwave for another 20 seconds and stir, if the white chocolate is still not melted then put it for another 20 seconds and stir then it should be done.

Step 6: Adding the Ingredients Together

The last step is to add all the ingredients together, Take a normal spoon and put about a dollop of white chocolate on each 3 pretzels. Take your time because the white chocolate will take a while to cool off. Then put the yellow or green M and M's or both on top of the white chocolate. After this is done you'll have to wait a while, if you want them to cool off quicker and be stable than put the candy (if on a pan) in your freezer for about 10 minutes and take them out.

Step 7: Conclusion

Eggs and Bacon candy is a simple treat to make and can taste good, so the next time you have craving you can make this.

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