Introduction: Eggs in Purgatory on Toast.

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We like to serve this dish at Halloween. This is an old family dish that has been around for centuries. Traditionally is is called Uove en Purgatorio Very inexpensive dish that was originally eaten by the common people and eventually picked up on by the more than well to do. That is what happens with most good food. From my research, there is a thousand names and variations of the dish. It is quick, easy, and different. Many people have this as an alternative to eating fish every Friday.

One should say that purgatory and eggs in purgatory have been a part of All hallow's eve and Hallowe'en since the 740's. Yes, that is over 1200 years ago. Most people could not afford meat and used eggs instead. Cattle were for milk and farm work Chickens for eggs. Sheep were for clothing when not in abundance. Pigs were a luxury.
One of the closest similarities we find with a loose connection to trick-or-treating appears in the Middle Ages on All Souls’ Day (November 2nd), where the poor would go from home to home and offer prayers for those in purgatory in exchange for food. However strong evidence suggests that childish mischief and vandalism on the 30th and 31st in early 1900s America (particularly vicious in Detroit, where October 30, the day before Halloween, became known as “Devil’s Night”) gave rise to organized evening activity to make actual treats replace the increasing abundance of tricks.
Suggested Time Schedule for a Halloween Party
6:30: Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary for the souls in purgatory through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. In between decades recite the Eternal Rest invocation. Conclude with the De Profundis [Psalm 130 (129) Out of the Depths]:

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Step 1: What's Needed.

Tomato sauce (add oregano, basil, and garlic powder)  or pasta sauce
Green peas
Bread for toasting.
Oil for the pan.
Cheese to top. (not shown)
Optional: chopped bacon, onions and etc.

Many people use onions also as a base for this dish.

Slitless spatula.
Bowl for checking eggs,
Plate for serving.

Step 2: Step 1.

Take a frying pan and put a bit of oil in it say a teaspoon or a bit more.
Turn the oven to a bit more than medium or so.

Step 3: A Red Blanket.

Put in about a cup of the pasta sauce. Add the onions, peas, and other vegetables as well as any extra spices. at this point
Let that get good and warm.

Step 4: Purgatory.

Now we want to  crack an egg (room temperature) into a bowl. then take the egg with any eggshells removed and pour into the the pan gently as you would poach an egg. Essentially that is what you doing anyway. Let cook eggs cook until the transparent part of the eggs become firm and white.

Step 5: Toast Me.

While the eggs are poaching toast up some bread about one slice per egg.

Step 6: Plating.

lay out a piece of toast. Cover with a slabe of the tomato/egg and peas. I also added a salad and a piece of extra toast to soak up the extra sauce. For a change I used cheddar cheese to top, but you can you what you prefer or available. Also pictured is the dish when I first made it.

Step 7: Coming Next Year:

Vomit stew with fried skin as crackers.

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