Introduction: Egonomic MaxiPad PS4 AIM Controller Hack

While there are not that many PS4 Games for the AIM Controller, it is still a great VR accessory.

I found it a bit slick, so I put some decorative athletic tape on it. And while this vastly Improved Grip, and felt really good, I found that in the excitement of Doom or Mortal Fight, I was gripping so hard my hand hurt.

So I decided to cushion it with something common that was around the house.

If you are a Female Person, live with a Female Person, have a Female Person Friend, or are a Considerate Boyfriend, you should have access to a MaxiPad.


1) AIM Controller

2) Athletic Tape (Decorative encouraged).

3) Maxipad (Preferably the Gel Type for Comfort.)

4) Scissors

Step 1: Tape It Baby!

The next step is pretty simple.

I do recommend that you do a base wrap on the AIM Controller so that you can see where its most comfortable for your hand placement.

Then you can add on the "cushioning".

My Error Note: Snip the pad so it touches end to end. I overlapped a bit which may not be as a uniform grip.

Step 2: Ta-Da!

Now you are Ready to not spring your Pinky like I did!

Bonus tip: After you tape the pad on, you will have some play, spin it to the comfortable position and then Squeeze down the overlap to the controller or add a bit more tape to the ends.

Hope this Helps, but not enough to lose in any online games we play :)

Step 3: