Eight Bight Button Knot



Introduction: Eight Bight Button Knot

This button knot makes an attractive starting point for a two strand knotting project, More strands can be added if desired

Step 1:

Fold a cord in half and bring the right hand strand over to the left.

Step 2:

Bring the same strand back to the right going under two

Step 3:

Bring the left hand strand to the right going under, over, under, over . . .

Step 4:

. . and back to the left over the other strand

Step 5:

Bring the same strand under, over, and down through the opening

Step 6:

Study the left hand photo.

Pull strand A out of hole a and place it in hole b

Pull strand B out of hole b and place it in hole a

Step 7:

The knot is complete. Gradually tighten folding down the edges to give roundness to the knot

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