Introduction: Elastic (No Tie) Shoelaces

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 Tired of bending down to tie your shoe every  10 minutes?  Replace your old fashion shoe laces with an elastic band to create comfortable slip-ons.  This is very easy to do and only costs around $2.

This conversion is best for everyday shoes. 

How it works:
Elastic banding will replace your normal shoelaces.  This elastic banding will constantly be pulling the two parts of the shoe together making it like you just tied you shoe.  (but not to tight) 

Step 1: Supplies

 For this instructable you will need:

1 pair of shoes
3 Yards of 1/4 inch elastic band ($0.75 walmart craft section)
Needle and thread
Super glue ($1.00 walmart) (optional) 

Step 2: Unlace and Measure

Unlace 1 of your shoes leaving the other  shoe for a pattern.  

With the shoelace from one of the shoes, cut a strip of 1/4 elastic band 
roughly the same size.  

Put the elastic banding through the bottoms holes. Make sure that both sides of the elastic lace are lengthen evenly.

Step 3: Lace-Up

 Following the pattern of your other shoe to lace the elastic band. You may wish to change your pattern or keep the same one.  

(Helpful hint)
Its easier if you take the end of the elastic cord and fold in in half.

Step 4: Tying It All Together

 After you have finished lacing you shoe take the ends and make a simple cross.  

Determine how tight you like your shoes by putting them on and marking how tight the cross is relative to how tight your shoe is.

This mark is where you will sew it all together.

With your needle, simply make several loops in and out of the cross to secure it firmly.  

Tie the thread together and cut off the extra string surrounding the knot

Step 5: Finishing

Tie a simple knot over your thread work to lock in your perfect shoe fit.

Cut off excess slack in elastic banding.

(Optional) Super glue the knot 

Repeat previous steps to complete other shoe.

Step 6: Relax

 Thats it!  Very simple.

You can now roam freely without having to tie your shoe ever again.
These shoes are now very easy to put on.  AND no one can tell that you have elastic banding for shoelaces.

Have fun!

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