Introduction: Elderly Emergency Scanner

This project is based upon helping the elderly. Elderly people are usually alone at their home and may not be in close proximity to immediate help if they have fallen down. The current solution in the market is the use of an SOS that they wear around their neck or have in their pocket to send a text or message to their emergency contact. However, one major issue with that solution is that the person may not be able to reach it if they have taken it off for some reason. My solution to this problem is to create a device that detects motion within the house to ensure that the occupant is okay. If motion is not detected for a certain amount of time then and LED is turned on to let the recipient know that a message has been sent to their emergency contact, and the device will send a message to the emergency contact.


two embedded devices that are connected to the particle cloud,

a PIR motion sensor,


jumper wires,


and HDMI Cable.

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Install Particle Agent on Raspberry PI

use the code provided and log into particle cloud.

Step 3: Connect RPI

Use the given schematic to connect the sensor to the given pins.

Step 4: Code the RPI

Use the following code to take readings from the sensor.

Step 5: Connect Particle Argon

Connect Particle argon and subscribe the specific event name given by your device.

Step 6: IFTTT Trigger

Set up IFTTT trigger bu using specific event name and data published by the particle argon.