Introduction: Elderly Rehabilitation Machine

This machine is used to help older people who wanted to rehabilitate their reaction capability. When people are growing older, their reaction capability will become worse. This machine can help those people to rehabilitate their reaction capability slowly.

Step 1: Things That You Need to Do This Machine

1. Arduino board

2. three Arduino wires

3. LED light

4. Press button for Arduino

5. resistance for Arduino LED

Step 2: Start to Make This Rehabilitate Machine

First step: put LED light on the higher part of Arduino board

Second step: put the first Arduino wire on the right side of the LED light's leg, and put another side of the Arduino wire on D12

Third step: put the Arduino resistance on the negative electrode of the Arduino board

Fourth step: put the second Arduino wire on negative electrode, and put the another side of this Arduino wire on GND

Fifth step: put the third Arduino wire on positive electrode, and put the other side of this Arduino wire on 5V

Last step: put the Arduino press button under the LED light

If you follow these steps, the finish work will look like this picture.

Step 3: The Code for This Arduino Machine

Here is the link to the Arduino code: If want to change the places for the wires or the delay time for the LED light, you can see those changes in the link of the Arduino code.

Step 4: You Finish Making This Elderly Rehabilitation Machine

After those previous steps, you finish this elderly rehabilitation machine. Congratulations!

Here is the link to the video: