Introduction: Electric Acoustic Guitar

Step 1: Microphone

The major thing that you will need in this project is a microphone ( any kind ) as you can see i got mine from an old rock band microphone from a broken wii

Step 2: Disasemble Microphone

Only disasemble if it is a big microphone if not, it is completely unnessecary

Step 3: This Is What It Should Look Like After Youve Taken the Top Off

Step 4:

From here you should be able to pull the body out

Step 5: Then the Base

Step 6: Cut the Wire

Cut it as far down as you can at first to be safe

Step 7: You Should Then Be Able to Pull Off the Bottom

Step 8: Strip Wire

Strip the wire so you can remove the actual microphone from the body

Step 9: Strip the Rubber Coated Wire

Step 10: Get an Amplifier Wire

Step 11: Strip the Amplifier Wire

Step 12: Install Mike Into Altoids Can

Connect the wires from the amplifier and mike in an altoids can or any mthing like one

Step 13: Install Foam

Foam will support the mike and prevent scruffy sounds

Step 14: Poke Holes

Poke holes to enable sound through can

Step 15: Sound Filter

Install a thin layer of foam above the mike for better sound qualaty

Step 16: Close Can With Tape

Step 17: Make Small Holes in the Bottom of the Can

Step 18: Install Sucktion Cups in the Hole

Step 19: Done It Should Work