Introduction: Electric Concrete Outlet

This project is born when finding a old outlet and with the new style of concrete pots I started to think that no one had tried this and already know why. This project take me ages to find the perfect mixture of cement and the corrtect type of mold but after many tests I could finally finish it.


Cement. (you can use fats cement)

Fine sand.

Electric plug.

Piece of glass.

Heat gun.


Sand paper.

3d printer and filament or plaster and cardboard to make the mold.


Step 1: The Mold

For the mold you have to make a 3d model to print it or make a mold with plaster.

Step 1. Identify the parts to make the mold with.

Step 2. Desing and Make the mold .

Step 2: Concrete Mixture

After much testing I came to the conclusion that you should place 2 parts of cement and one part of sand.

Step 1. Put in a bowl two cups of cement and 1 of sand add water and mix. the consistency should be like peanut butter.

Stemp 2. Put the molds in a piece of glass like as it is shown in the picture.

Step 3. Add the mixture in the molds. i can´t take a picture of taht because it was a disaster.

Step 4. Leave outside in the shade for at least 2 days.

Step 3: Unmold and Finish

After 2 or 3 days the cement will be ready for demoulding. already removed from the mold, bind the imperfections with sandpaper and assemble the outlet.

Ready, now you have a piece of art a outlet made of concrete :)

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