Introduction: Ac Generator - PWM Controller

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electric generator Ac, using a 3 V Dc motor + PWM controller, neodymium sphere 13 mm (rotor), coil iron-less ( stator ), 12 v battery

Find us ON INSTAGRAM and see a simple electric vehicle - 3 wheels :

Step 1: Materials Used to Create Electric Generator - PWM Controller :

syncronous motor 230 V Ac (inside A4 laminators, microwaves)

neodymium magnet sphere 13 mm diameter, N42 chrome-plated, strenght approx. 2.9 Kg

electric car toy with plastic case, which contain 3 V Dc motor, power switch and plastic connector.

pot neodymium magnet with threaded stem, thread M3, 13 mm diameter, strenght approx 3.5 Kg


metal - plastic mini construction kit

230 V led bulbs 3 w - 9 W E 27 and E 27 sockets ( for this project I used a 7w led bulb 230 V )

12 V battery

rubber band

PWM controller

Step 2: Operations :

remove the iron-less coil from the stncronous motor Ac 230 V

(inside A4 laminators and microwaves) - just the coil needed

remove the magnet inside the neodymium pot magnet with thread 13 mm, M3 ( just the metal case needed)

remove the 3 V Dc motor, the plastic connector and the power switch from the electric car toy

connect the the metal case ( ex neodymium pot magnet 13 mm ) through the plastic connector to the 3 V dc motor ax

fix the neodymium sphere between magnetic poles to the metal case ( ex neodymium pot magnet 13 mm) - now the rotation system of the generator is complete.

build the holder of the smalll generator using the rubber band and the metal - plastic mini construction kit ( fix the rotation system and the stator like in the image Small generator details)

connect the PWM controller to the 12 V battery than connect the wires from the PWM output to the 3 V DC motor

connect the wires from the output coil to the E27 socket/sockets


Fix the neodymyum sphere 13 mm between the magnetic poles on the pot metal case ( use a small metal to identify the poles)

Do not use metal parts near the neodymium sphere it will act like a brake.