Introduction: Home Energy Generator

Since the electricity was discovered, we have looked a lot of ways in order to generate it effectively but at a low cost, due to not many are able to access this possibility since it is usually very expensive.

The project presented below aims to provide electricity more economically, being easy to access and practical in its use and applications. The possibility of obtaining electrical energy in ways such as solar energy was also explored.

Step 1: Cutting the Penholder

As the system had to be put inside, the pen-holder was cut. Then, the sides of the penholder were measured and compared with the measurements of the radiators, which provides a heating system.

Following that, the pliers were used to cut both sides, in order to position the radiators.

Step 2: Preparing the Peltier

For a better dispersion of the heat, a thermal paste was applied in the two peltier modules, which provide the cooling system allowing a difference of electric potential due to the difference in temperature. Therefore, each peltier module was joined with its respective radiator.

Step 3: Conecting Cables

In this part, the positive and negative poles of both Peltier modules are soldered to the voltage converter. After this, the respective wires of the solar panels were soldered to the plug adapter.

Step 4: Finishing the Module

Finally, everything was placed in a box made of cardboard, far enough away from the fire, because of candles being used, with these being placed inside the box while containers with ice were placed outside to provide a difference of temperature generating the energy through the radiators becase of the difference of electric potential.

The radiators which acted as electrical conductors caused the project to provide a certain amount of energy, that thanks to the solar panels, was a quantity of 12 volts, allowing to light a spotlight Led.