Introduction: Electric Ignition Firecrackers

Today I want to show you simple way to make electric ignition firecrackers for airsoft games / cinematic effects / jokes / experiments and other.

We need piccolo firecrackers (or other firecrackers filled flash powder), some wires and Kanthal A1 32AWG / 0.20 mm (you can buy it in vapeshops or aliexpress ) or NiCr 80 with smaller diameter.

Step 1:

Сarefully cut the firecracker and find layer with flash powder. It comprises aluminum and has a metallic color.

Note the position of the layer.

Step 2:

Prick a firecracker at flash powder layer with a needle from the syringe.

Step 3:

Insert piece of Kanthal in the end of the needle.

Step 4:

Pull out the needle. Kanthal was stayed in firecracker.

Step 5:

Connect 2 wires to the Kanthal and wrap 2 layers of tape.

Step 6: Done!

Well, all done. Time to try it!

In my video you can see how it work. For the ignition, I used 1 li-ion cell with a voltage of 4.2 volts. In theory, you can use 1 AA alkaline battery.

You can see demonstration in my video.

Video on youtube

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