Introduction: Electric Kool-Aid Hard Boiled Eggs

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Tired of normal white-and-yellow hard boiled eggs? Now you can make swirly colored tie-dye style hard-boiled eggs!

Step 1: Materials

Several Eggs
1 Syringe
Food Coloring
Plastic Cups

Step 2: Puncture the Egg

Stab the egg with a fine-point syringe, Pulp Fiction style.

Step 3: Remove a Bit of Albumen

Here you want to suck out some egg white to make room for the food coloring. Be careful, the eggs are still fragile. Be creative.

The best method we found was to poke holes in opposite faces of the egg.
Hold one side downwards, so the other hole is facing upwards.
Insert the syringe in the bottom hole, and pull back the plunger, carefully.

If you pull too hard, the egg will implode.

If you work the needle back and forth, you can find the sweet point where lots of egg insides come out.

You can also suck out the egg whites with your mouth.

Step 4: Inject Food Coloring

Drop food coloring in a cup, take it up with the syringe, and then hit the egg with it.

Some food coloring may splatter back out.

Step 5: Shaken, Not Stirred

I prefer to shake mine up, which gives the whole egg white a particular tinge.

Tetranitrate prefers to inject in globs, alternating colors on different sides of the egg.

If you cover the puncture holes with your fingers, you can swirl the egg pretty well.

Step 6: Boil

The usual method to make hard boiled eggs.

Takes longer (around 15 minutes of steady boiling) than normal, probably due to the increased liquid (decreased protein) content.

Step 7: Extract, Crack, Consume!

The results: