Electric Longboard

Introduction: Electric Longboard

In this instructable we are going to make an electric longboard with an Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi.


Longboard Parts:


Step 1: Electric Circuit

The longboard is going to be controlled by the arduino.

You can follow the fritzing in the pictures above to make the correct circuit.
You can also use a potentiometer for the leds and the contrast of the lcd screen.

Step 2: Assembling the Longboard

There are a lot of tutorials and guides how to do this. I'm not going to cover this, but here is a link to a good guide.

You can choose almost every part of the Longboard except the Trucks and Wheels. These has to be the one from The part list or you are going to run in some problems.
This is because the trucks and wheels have a shape that makes it easier to mount the motor to it.

Step 3: The Motor Mount

The motor mount can be easily placed on the truck by placing this ring around it.

You place the connecting piece on it so the motor could be attached to the truck.
You can place the motor further or closer to the trucks to adjust the stiffness of the belt.

Step 4: Code

The code of the project is linked to github.

You should get the code and run it to your Pi and arduino.

Step 5: Housing

The housing is being worked on. I'm planning to make a 3d print to cover the battery and electronics.

Step 6: Ride It! Test It!

You can ride the longboard like any other Just lean to stear.

You can accelerate by turning the rottary encoder to the right and slow down to the left.
You can also break by using the button of the rottary encoder.

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