Introduction: Electric Longboard for Beginners (0 Code) + Bonus

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I wanted something to move around the city, but I was not interested in scooters, skates, or motorcycles, so I decided to squeeze my brain and I came up with this!

The idea was to make it as simple as possible so that it did not fail, while also being able to reach the highest possible speed.

In this instructable I'll teach you how to make a longboard that reaches 30km/h (with 80 kg) in the cheapest and easiest way (involving zero lines of code).

Stay with me and let's move on!


1.- Longboard (Decathlon or second hand).

2.- Conversion kit for motoring wheels (Ebay).

3.- Motor.

4.- Driver motor (ESC)

5.- Remote control kit (accelerator)

6.- 2 LI-PO batteries.

7.- 6 cage clamps.

8.- Velcros to hold the batteries.

9.- LI-PO charger

10.- Switch.

11.- Voltmeter to see the remaining charge.

12.- Plastic tray to avoid dirt, and so on.

13.- Miscellaneous cables.

14.- Screws.

Step 1: Scheme

Step 2: ​Assembly

Assembly The assembly is very simple but requires a bit of skill when joining the conversion kit to put the engine on the wheels, since depending on how the longboard is you'll have to sand the axis a bit. Firstly, we'll put the motor conversion kit on the shaft. Once coupled, we will put in the motor. Next, we will connect the three terminals of the motor to a cage clamp (which will allow us to join the motor to the ESC). Secondly, we'll place the ESC by screwing it to the table, and we will put another 3 cage clamps to attach the ESC to the batteries. By doing this, we could control the connections better. Last but not least, we still have two components left: the RF receiver to send the signal to accelerate the ESC, and on the other hand, securing the batteries with the batteries, once assembled and put everything as in the previous scheme. We'll also add a little improvement, which is to put a voltmeter to indicate the voltage of the longboard so that we can know how much battery do we have at any given time. Finally, you can see attached an illustrative video showing how the longboard works.

Step 3: Bonus

BONUS: Have you mounted yours and you don't know what speed it reaches? Here you have a link where you can download a free application that shows you the maximum speed of your journey on your mobile device (ANDROID).

I recommend using all kinds of protections while using this device;)

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