Introduction: Electric Match

This instructable will show me making an electric match suitable for igniting fireworks.
It will cover the materials, tools and techniques used.

When I use thees i set them of with a 12 volt battery.

This is a pyrotechnic device which could cause harm and might be illegal to make in some countries, if unsure regarding laws and safety be sure to ask someone who knows.
As stated, this could be dangerous and I will not take any responsibility for damage caused by it.

Now to the fun of creating.
This is my very first instructable so bare with me.

Step 1: Tools

You will need a basic setup of tools for making this device.

I used the following:
- Long nose pliers
- Side cutter
- Hot glue gun
- Knife
- Multimeter (ohm meter)

Step 2: Materials

The materials used are:

- A cup for mixing
- Acetone
- Nitrocellulose, low nitration.
- Black powder
- Nichrome wire
- Solid core network cable

The nitrocellulose can be replace by ping pong balls.

Step 3: Prepairing Cabel

First of all, cut a piece of network cable in the length you desire.
Then cut through the sheath and pull out the cables.

Take a pair and remove the insulation from the end of each cable, about 5 mm or 3/16 inch is adequate.

Step 4: Fasten the Nichrome Wire

Here the goal is to fasten the nichrome wire to the copper wires.

Start by bending the coper wires back.

Then place the nichrome wire in the bend and press the copper cable around it.

Take the hot glue gun and place a little bit of glue on the insulation thus protecting the tip from pulling apart.

Now measure the resistance on the other end of the cable to make sure there is a good connection.

When done twist the back end together to prevent accidental ignition. Do not separate the wires until you are ready to use it.

Step 5: Ignition Agent

Start by dissolving the nitrocellulose in acetone.
When done put the black powder in the solution and stir it.

Now we can start coating the cable with the nichrome wire.
Dip,let dry and repeat until it has a sufficient coating.

Let dry, the acetone will dry out quite fast so a couple of hours should be enough.

Step 6: Result

The end result could look like this.