Electric Motor DIY

Introduction: Electric Motor DIY

This video explains how to make an electric motor using a cork.

Step 1: Electric Motor DIY

Here it is explained how to make an Electric Motor using a Cork.

We need the following material:

- Cork

- copper wire

-small copper axis

- 2 small pieces of copper to make the electric contacts

- small support of wood

- 2 "L" of lateral support.

We need the following tools:

- drill

-knife or cutter


- saw.

Step 2: Actions on the Cork

- a) Find the center of the cork and make a hole following the vertical axis.

The hole has to have a diameter about 1 or 2mm. It depends from the diameter of your shaft. We have used a rigid copper wire as shaft of about 2mm of diameter. The hole diameter has to be bit less than the diameter of the used shaft.

- b) Insert the shaft into the cork

You can try to insert the shaft without hole, but it should be a patient action and you should follow the center of the cork.

Shaft: The shaft has to be diamagnetic otherwise it will be attracted by the magnet. We have used a rigid copper wire.

-c) Draw 4 lines for the coils channels on the cork surface

-d) Carve the lines on the cork using a cutter or knife making the coils channels

Step 3: Wind Up the Copper Wire Making 2 Coils

Wind up the copper wire making 2 Coils.


it is very important to not make mistake executing this step. So follow the instructions in details:

a) label or identify the up of the cork and during this step let it in the same direction.

b) label or identify the terminal point of the copper wire as S1

c) wind up the copper wire in clockwise direction following one channel and passing into the diameter channel (up and down of the cork) and then make a coil of 40/50 turns.

d) cut the copper wire when you arrive beside the S1 and identify this wire terminal point with S2.

e) do the same actions (b to d) for the second coil, passing into the orthogonal channel of the first coil, identifying the terminals points of the copper wire as S3 and S4.

Step 4: Make the Motor Support

- Make the base

We have used a piece of wood

- Make the lateral support for the motor

For both of the L:

- make an hole of 2 mm (or bit larger than the shaft diameter) on the lateral side of the L. This hole is for the motor shaft.

- make 2 holes on the base of the L for the screws.

-Fix one L on the base using 2 screws.

The second L will be fixed later.

We have used 2 L of aluminum.

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    6 years ago

    what made you decide to use a cork?

    Shape? Insulated ? Why?

    Still cool.


    Reply 6 years ago

    The cork is diamagnetic, light, enough resistant and easy to model into a desired shape.

    Its insulation it not the best quality in this case, because we need to dissipate the heat. But for the heating topic is sufficient to not overstate the current (and so the voltage) applied in the coils.

    Thank you for your questions.


    6 years ago

    It would be great to see some photos and written instructions along with your video!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry it is my first post, I am doing a complete instructable. Anyway during the video there are comments that explain all the job. Thanks for your comment.