Introduction: Electric Onion Slicer

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If you want to slice any vegetable then this machine helps to slice electrically.

This electric slicer machine help to slice onion, cucumber, and carate.

Step 1: 30 RPM DC MOTOR

Take one 30 RPM DC Motor and place through wood sheet.

Step 2: Make Structure

Take 10X28 cm wood sheet and make a structure like a picture.

Step 3: Cut Wood

Cut one 10 cm dia. round wood and one strip of wood.

Step 4: Attache Wood Circle

Make one hole on the round and attache to dc motor.

Step 5: Make Strip

Take one 2.5 ml syringe and cut this.

Then stick to wooden strip bot side using gum.

Step 6: Attache This Strip to Round Wood

Take two pencils and attache this to round wood.

Step 7: Power Supply

Take the battery and connect to dc motor. Then take a top wood plate and stick with glue gun.

Step 8: Stick Side Wood Plate.

Take two 1 cm long two wood strip and stick this to a side of a top wood sheet.

Step 9: Take Vegetable Slicer Machine

Take vegetable slicer machine and attache to this machine.

Step 10: Make Placing of Vegetable

Take one wood sheet and 7 cm dia. PVC pipe and make this placing of vegetable.

Step 11: Try to Cut.

Take vegetables like onion and cucumber and slice with this.

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