Introduction: Electric Skateboard Remote

Create a electric skateboard remote, In JAVASCRIPT !

Join my journey, hopefully you will learn something.

This will not be a step by step tutorial. It will be more a showcase what I have used, how I did it and I'm sure you can do it to.

I even recommend you NOT doing it exactly like i did it. This design is not flawless i'm sure you can improve a lot of things. See this more like a great resource if your planning on building a remote.


Display 128x32px
1x OLED SSD1306 Display I2C

Some kind of hardware for detecting throttle. In my case i used a Joystick i had laying around. A better choice is to use a Linear Ratiometric Hall Affect Sensor. If you go with the Hall effect sensor, don't forget to get a magnet.
1x DRV5055A2QLPG or 1x Joystick

Lets not forget the brains of the operation
2x Espruino MDBT42Q

We will need a battery; in my case i used the most thicc battery i could find. I have enough battery anxiety from the longboard itself. Would totally work with a smaller battery.
1x 18650 LION Battery
1x LION Charge board

I recommend getting at least one tactile switch and one slide switch. The more switches the more options you have when playing with your firmware.
Tactile Switch >= 1
1x Slide Switch

Step 1: Print the Case / Make the Case / Buy the Case

Paint the enclosure

Step 2: Mount the Display

I used paste that hardens after a few minutes to stick the display.

Step 3: Assemble Battery Module

Step 4: Wire Up the Brain

I don't have a schematic but i'm sure you can figure it out.

If you want to be able to read the voltage from the battery you will need to make a voltage divider circuit to make sure the battery voltage doesn't exceed 3.3v.

Step 5: Uplod the Codez

If you need help uploading the code or information about the hardware and software, the golden resource is

The code i wrote for the remote (Use with caution, its still WIP)

There is also a parts-list on the github page

Step 6: Assemble the Enclosure

I used double sided tape to stick the to pieces together

Step 7: Profit

If you need help or have questions.

Contact me