Introduction: ElectricWind

This instructable is a step by step guide,

showing you how you could make your own windmill.

The following data is collected with this setup.

· Temperature (in °C)

· Brightness (in %)

· Voltage (in V)


MATERIALS (more information in BOM)

· T-cobbler

· Windturbine generator

· MCP3008

· Light sensor

· DS18B20

· INA219

· LED's

· Raspberry pi 3


· Battery

· PCF8574AN

· Button

· 2,2k-OHM Resistor

· 1k-OHM Resistor

· 220-OHM Resistors

· Female - Male wires

· Male - Male wires

Step 1: Creating a Fritzing Schema


Programming the INA219 is not easy if you want to do it yourself, so I highly recommend using a library: INA219

Step 2: Making the Database

By looking at the image above, you should be able to create your own database by which you can collect data from the sensors.

I hosted this database on my Rasberry pi using MariaDB.

Step 3: Making the Test Setup

I made this setup to see how the sensors work and to test if they al work appropriately.

Step 4: Making a Responive Website

In order to see the collected data, I made a site that shows live data from the sensors and a button to make a light turn on or off.

Step 5: Finishing Off !

Once you have finished all the steps succesfully,

you can start the final step, which is putting all components in a homemade case.


Dimensions: 10cmx10cmx45cm

Material: Wood

Code: Link