Electrical Connections on the 3D Printed IPad Mount

Introduction: Electrical Connections on the 3D Printed IPad Mount

I am currently an Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student at Washington State University. In our final year, we complete a course called senior design. For my team’s senior design project we were tasked with creating an Assistive Device for the Seeing Impaired.

What that actually meant was a remotely controlled iPad device stand that could pan, tilt, and move up and down. When a sight impaired person looses something in their home, they have to wait for a relative to come help them find it. This is a significant set back and inconvenience to the life of the sight impaired person. Our goal was to create a system where a sighted family member could log in from where ever they are, and control a pan, tilt, and vertical movement iPad mount in the sight impaired person's home. This system would provide a video feed so that they two parties can communicate.

This instructable will go over the electrical connections.

Note: This instructable is a work in progress so there are more photos links and instructions to come.

Step 1: The Wiring Diagram

Since all the connections will be really hard to see in my photos I've included a diagram that shows what wires need to be attached to what pins.

For now it is drawn on a piece of paper. Rest assured soon I will add a much clearer graphic.

Step 2: Attach the Limit Switches and Slide Switch

First you will need to attach the limit switches and slide switch.

Step 3:

Next connect the stepper motor to the PmodSTEP.

Step 4: Connect Everything to the WF32

Lastly you will need to connect everything to the WF32.

Step 5: Wire Management!

I would very much suggest that you do some wire management. No one likes a big mess of wires. I usually use lots of zipties.

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