Introduction: Electricity From Fire

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Two heatsinks, one bigger than the other.

One Peltier cell

One Voltage regulator with USB outputs (not really, it won't work with it)

Thermal grease

Step 2: Thermal Grease

Take the bigger heatsink and spread evenly the Thermal grease using something flat.

Step 3:

Attach the COLD SIDE of the Peltier Cell to it, the side with the writes on).

Step 4: Spread More

Spread more Thermal paste on the HOT SIDE of the cell.

Step 5: Small Heatsink

Attach the small heatsink to it.


I used some Heat resistant Tubes to protect the wires from the heat and a couple of M3 40mm bolts to fix everything in place.

Step 7: TEST

I made a quick test with a propane torch to see if The Prototype is working.

Step 8: Brazier

With a cylindrical Steel can I made the brazier.

Measure the top heatsink (in my case is 40mm) and cut the shape on the bottom of it using an electrical tool.

Step 9: FIT IT

If everything fit right move on.

Step 10: Water Container

Use a water container to allow the cooling to be more effective than air.

Find one with the right sizes to fit the heatsink.

Step 11: WATER

Pour enough water to cover the sink, but beware of touching the Peltier Cell.



I used Paper, cardboard and Wood.

Unluckily I didn't reach my target Voltage of beyond 5V.

Step 13: Vent Holes

I drilled some Ventilation holes to let the air come from the bottom but I Barely reached 4 Volts.

Step 14: Conclusions.

In conclusion, I succesfully got Eletricity from fire, but I failed the target to make an emergency phone charger.

SO, if you have suggestions to improve my prototype let me know here or on my youtube channel.

(I'd like to make something different from the usual candle-powered peltier generator, i want to make something more useful for camping or apocalyptic's fan that can run wood or other type of fuel.)

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