Electricity From Sun

Introduction: Electricity From Sun

Hello at everyone,

in this project I show you what I had make for use solar energy during camping or an electricity breakout.

Step 1: Matherials

In this project I had used:

1 Photovoltaic panel (12V 10W peak);

1 Charge regulator;

1 Battery (12V 12A);

1 Box;

A lot of wire and fantasy :)

Step 2: Assemble in the Box

In the picture you can see the inner part of the box.

The solar charge is attacked on the wood.

The white RCA jacks are used for pannel, the black RCA jacks are used for battery and the yellow RCA jacks is used to withdraw energy.

I had put a small LED light to see better inside during the night.

Step 3: Accessories

The output of the charge regulator is 12V and max 12A.

I use it to charge my phone, light my way or have AC courrent by the power inverter.

Thanks for your attention and remember to pay a lot of attention when you use electicity.

Have fun, bye bye.

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    3 years ago

    That's a neat setup :)