Electricity Generator From Vehicle

Introduction: Electricity Generator From Vehicle

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In the moving world or say expanding universe, we are using a number of technological things no matter how small or big they're work when it has a power supply, means all technological things need some kind of energy to do its work. There are thousands of machine in the world which require power for his own purpose. The consumption rate of electricity has increased from the generation rate. There are many parts of the world where electricity is still unavailable.

I think it's enough for the starting paragraph and now let's come on our project. I think you can know guess this project but still, I will tell you what we're going to make as I don't want any doubt in your mind. As I said in my first paragraph's starting line "In the moving world or say the expanding universe" I will be going to generate electricity from the moving energy. Don't worry you don't have to pull it to generate electricity. I mean we'll generate electricity from the moving vehicle.

Step 1: More About Our Project

Now you know, from what we will generate energy: Vehicle. Now, I will tell you how we will generate energy from vehicles. First I want to tell you that we're not going to create a super-duper electricity generator. We're just going to use the simple property by which our 30-40% of electricity is created:- Hydroelectricity and wind energy. Both of these have very simple properties, water or air hits its turbines and its start moving in a circular motion causing in generating electricity.

Our project also uses this simple property to generate the electricity. Our vehicle will pull our model causing it to generate electricity. Our generator will have the capability of the real-time mobile charging means it will charge your mobile when you're driving instead of charging its battery first and then mobile but I'm still working on this project so I will write the instructions for that later but if you find an idea for it then plz tell me in comment. It can be used to light the bulb, and as a luggage for you.

Our project will require a 3D printer to make its body. Sadly, I don't have any 3D printer so I am not able to make my project alive but don't worry you are here to do so. Anybody who is having a 3D printer can make it. I will share my design with the fusion 360. So all you need to do is to print my design and follow the instructions. I have created my design by exact measurements so can easily make it. But after doing all of this things you still need to know some basics of fusion 360 due to your different size of materials. Think of your tires pipe diameter and my design diameter which is created to hold the tire in its place. Now there is very likely have chances that your diameter of the pipe is greater or small from mine. So if you have a basic knowledge of fusion 360 then you can edit it on your own and don't worry I will also list that from where you can edit it.

You can learn the basic knowledge of fusion 360 by this class of instructable link. The place from where I also learned fusion 360 it. First, learn it and then came back to make this project and after this, if you still having a problem then you can contact me through the comment, I am always there to help you.

Important Note:--
Our body for this project is a little bit big means it cannot be printed due to its long shape. To solve this issue, I split the body into two parts. Now you can print both of the body parts and then join it using the screws.

I will also make an "Assembly" step after a body design to tell you how to combine the body and parts and the place where you need to add the screws.

And one last thing, that start making this project after you read this whole instructable and please don't forget to vote me for the contest.

Step 2: 3D Printing Tip

Before we can start making our project I want to tell you some 3D printing tip to get best results. We're going to make say about 26 Inch tall body for our project. Therefore, we want it to be strong and long-lasting.


1. My first tip for this project is that you should use a polycarbonate Filament for this project. This is one of the best 3D printer filament which gives a very strong body output and long-lasting also.

2. If you are new to the 3D printing then I would recommend you one more class on Instructables from where you can learn how to print in 3D. It will cover all the skills you need for this project.

3. A printed object may have rough edges or rough corner. If you don't want it then watch this video below to learn how to make the printed object more smooth and realistic.

Step 3: Materials and Tools

Now we know our project let's start making it and as all projects required materials this one will also some materials and tools to make it.

These are as follow:-

1. 3D Printer:-- Yes, as I stated before we will need a 3D printer to make its body and components.

2. 2 x12V motor:-- Buy two 12V 100 watt motor for this project, like one in the picture above.

3. 12V 50Ah Battery: Our generator will carry a not much huge but a normal capacity 50 Ah lithium-ion battery to store electricity. It charges really quick and suits for our project.

4. 7mm Cylinder Door Lock Barrel

5.10 Inch tire: For the movement of the body.

6. Some 3mm screws: In our all screw work we're going to use 3mm screws.

7. Some wire for connections.

8. Hot Glue gun

10. Spray paint: If you want to color it.

Step 4: Measuring the Diameter

After collecting the things which I listed above, we can now start our first step of this project. In this step, all we need is to measure the diameter of the tires horizontal rod. I have created a 13mm hole in my design for the rod, means if your tyre rod diameter comes between 1cm to 1.2cm then you don't need to edit the design but if it don't then you have to because if its bigger or smaller then the hole which I created will create a problem for tyres to fit perfectly in the body.

Due to this, I told you to learn the basics of fusion 360 so you can work around this issue. After measuring the rod diameter if you get positive results then proceed to next step but if don't follow the small instruction to solve it.

Before I tell you how to edit it, you first need to know what you have to edit means which shape you have to edit. The shape which you have to edit is given in the picture above. The editing process is not complex, you just need to follow the step which is given below to edit it. Trust me its very easy only few simple steps and the editing which you need will be done.

The steps are as follow:--
1. Right-clicking 26 option in timeline history(see in the picture above) and select edit feature option to edit it.

2. Type the diameter of the rod you want to have in design and be sure to add 0.2cm extra in your actual size of rod diameter.

3. Press ok and its done.

Step 5: Editing the Gears

You have edited the design which fits your need. Now you need to edit its gears. If your tires pipe comes under the same aspect as my then I would say you can skip this step but whom not then they have to edit it to make it fit for its design. You only need to edit the tires gears, not motors gear as it would be the same motor for you too. After printing the gear join it to the tire supporting pipe using a hot glue gun.

You need to follow this step to edit the tires gear.

Step 1:-- Right-click on last option in History Timeline.

Step 2:-- Select edit feature option and type your desired diameter for the gear and again don't forget to 0.1cm to the actual diameter measurement.

Step 3:-- press ok and it's done.

Step 6: Adding Motor to the Body

We edited the diameter of the hole which suits for your tire and edited the gears for it. Now in this step, we'll print the gears of the motor and also place the motor in the body which we printed before. The diameter of the motor gear would be the same for you as my cuz the motor will be the same for you too, So you don't have to edit the diameter of this gear too you just need to print it out.

Now tells come one our second object of this project "the motor", you have seen the hole in the body which we printed, there are two big holes this is due to the motor as we will place our motor inside it. Place the motor in the hole from the inside of the body. Pull it backward from inside of the body to the hole and keep pushing it in backward until your motor and tires gear come aligned to each other. Do this for second one too.

Using the hot glue gun, paste the motor on the hole.

Step 7: Assembling (First Body)

We are in the last step of this lower body. We'll assemble its split body, tires and all kind of stuff belong to it. Our first assembling process will start by joining both sides of the body. Align the body next to each other. There are the boxes having a hole for the screw, using the nut bold, fix that two boxes together of both bodies. Now there are three more boxes similar to it, one in front of it and two at the bottom surface. Join all of them with the same nut and bold.

Our body assembling process is completed, Now we will go further to add tires to the body. By keeping a support at the bottom of the body, place the tires rod on the shape which we've edited before. Now put the hook above on that shape on both side and screw it( The hook is 3D printed and given below).

We assembled it and placed the tire in its place, Now left this body for a while because now we're not going to work on it in the upcoming step. Now this body will come to the last step of this instructable when we'll combine this body with the other bodies.


Step 8: Charging Circuit

Our motor is ready to generate electricity but electricity generated by it will fluctuate very often, which is a bad news for our battery, Yes I know our battery has over-voltage protection but I still want to go with the quote "Prevention is better than cure". This circuit will only allow a constant voltage of 13v or lower than it to pass through it. The circuit shown in the above of this paragraph can vary from 1.2v to 25v but you can limit its maximum voltage by adjusting its potentiometer. Adjust its potentiometer until you get the 13v output, check this by a multimeter and be sure to supply a power greater than 13v.

Now join the both motor's wire together and then to our charging circuit. Pull out the wire for battery from the hole I created in the middle body at the bottom corner, connect its positive wire to positive one of the battery and negative to the negative one.

Note: All bodies contain a hole for the passage of wire.

Step 9: Making Space for Battery

Hurry we've created the very first part of our project the bottom part. Now we go further to create the middle part of our body. Now let me tell you the things which come under this middle part of the body design. Our electricity storing device, yes Battery will come inside it and the middle part is also going to be our storage area for us to keep our things inside it. Our middle part is divided into two parts as it is going to be the longest part our body. Now you know what's going to come's under the middle part, all we need to do is to start making it.

So let's start making it by going through the first step making space for the battery as you don't want to mess up with the battery from your luggage. I have created a 7inch long and 6inch wide box for the placement of the battery. The battery which we're going to use will be easily placed inside it.

I think we've also created the middle part of our body. Now download the file below and start printing it.

Step 10: Middle Body and Door Lock

You made the first part of the middle portion of our body, Its time to move further to create the second part of its body. In this part of the middle body you also don't need to edit anything, just print and assemble. But this part of the body is going to hold our door lock for our body as you don't want anyone to take off your precious things from the luggage area while you're driving.

You just have to print the body from the file below and in the next step, I will tell you the assembling procedure.

Step 11: Assembling (Middle Body)

Well, I think we're going well, we've created the lower body and assembled it and moving further to assemble middle body. Now, not wasting the time let's assemble it.

You know that there are two middle bodies as I told you before, so first, start assembling the lower part of the middle body( see the image to know which body is lower), to join both parts of the body together, place both parts of the body aligned next to each other. There are two boxes outside the body in front of each other and one in the bottom of the body from the outside. Join both parts using the nut bolts of 3mm. Now we will assemble the second part of the middle body. This body has four boxes inside it. Like we screw up the boxes in the body before.

We assembled both of the middle parts of the body, now let's join both of it together. There are four triangles on the upper portion of the lower middle body( see in the image). Put the second body upon it, move the body if needed to insert the triangles into the second body, fix both bodies using nut bold.

Step 12: Making Top-Most Part of the Body and Assembling It

We're all set, we've created both lower and middle part of our body and only one part of the body is remaining, the upper one. There is really nothing to edit, this part is only going to hold our bulb holder. In this part too you would print two bodies.

The body contains 2 holes for joining the split body together, Four for the roof and 4 to join it to the middle body. This body doesn't need any kind of editing, so I'm going to tell you its assembling process in this step.

I'm getting very bored by saying it, again and again, join the split body by screwing the boxes together. Like in this step to join it as I tell you before. The picture where you add the screw is given above see that for the better understanding.

First thing first, take your printed body and its rectangular roof for join it. Insert the rectangular roof from the top of the body and adjust its height to make both body and roof hole aligned. Screw it from all four sides keeping aligned with your one hand. After that, stack this body onto the middle body and keeping the triangles of the middle body inside it and again fix it using the nut bolts.

Step 13: Assembling (Middle Body--2)

In the assembling step before, we joined both middle body together, now in this step, we'll assemble our door to the middle body and assemble upper body to the middle. First, you need to print the one parts for it:-- The door and a small cylinder. Download its file from below. These file doesn't need any editing, so just print it as it is.

After the printing stuff join the door just like before by screwing its boxes. Now the real game begins to assemble the door in the body. It's not very complex but not easy too. Start by placing the door in its place in the middle body. Now there is a hole in the door on the bottom( see the picture), use the cylindrical component which you printed alongside with the door to place the door in its place. Tilt the door outside at which you feel easy to hold it. Keeping the cylindrical screw hole toward the door screw hole, gently put it inside the door and screw it up.

The door is at its place, now its time to add a lock to safeguard your things. Take your cylindrical door lock and put it in its place created to hold it on the top and don't forget to keep its key side outside. The cylindrical shape of the door and the cylindrical door lock is having the hole for the screw to keep the lock fix in the door. Move the lock if needed to screw it with the door.

Step 14: Joining the Body Stack

We joined the all portion of the body except one, the bottom one. There is nothing any new in the method of joining the body together as before, So do it as we done before for all bodies but keep a support for the bottom part as it is having only tires. After assembling it, you have created your vehicle electricity-generator. Now use it whenever you go to generate the electricity.

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