Introduction: Electricity Meter Reading Via SMS

Usually in india a person has to go and check the meter reading after every three months and it is quite a hectic and long process.

As receiving the electricity meter reading is quite a complex work in India because the person use to go every house and note the reading so the main objective of the project is to receive the reading via SMS to save manpower and time.

Step 1: Video for Easy Understanding

This video shows what the format of SMS and what the data is received

Step 2: List of Components

Quantity is also mention in the list

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

every component with its connection is mentioned

Step 4: CODE

Embedded C

Step 5: Designing: Power Supply

It is designed by using 2 pin power plug then the transformer 12 - 0 - 12 which will step down the 220 v ac to 12 - 0 - 12 ac which is converted to DC voltage using bridge rectifier section having diode in4007 and capacitor 1000uf and voltage regulator 7805.

Step 6: Electricity Meter for Reading

One electricity meter is taken for reading

The meter that is used here is single phase meter which is not the standard meter and tempered to make the project So it can't be used directly at homes until the project has been finalized by the government laws.

Step 7: Device for Updating Reading

One device should be connected to meter, so the reading should be updated at regular intervals.

Step 8: GSM Modem

As we are making the system to receive SMS and transmit it, so a GSM modem should be connected to do the required task.

Step 9: Controlling Section

Controlling section is used to update the value and store it in EEPROM memory so it can be transferred through SMS.

The controller section also verifies the SMS and send the feedback sms on the same number from which it received the SMS.

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