Introduction: Electro-Bracelet

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Old scrap wire pieces are nothing but junk to some people. but they can be used to make this cool bracelet with very few wires and some super glue.

Step 1: How to Make One Yourself!!

you will need some colour wires, some super glue and to connect them together some sort of connector.

In this DIY I have used some computer wire connector. but you can even use male and female usb sockets or a male and female 3.5 mm jack or any other thing that joins together.

Start this by taking 2, 20 cm wire ( i have use green and yellow wire) and a meter wire of other colour which you can later cut the excess wire when finished making.

Leaving 4 cm from top start the process.
place one wire on ground and other wire diagonal on the first wire like shone in picture.

glue the wire and another wire on top of it, now start twisting it like shone in Image.

Step 2: Keep Going.

Keep twisting the wire and no need to glue the round and they are stiff .

Step 3: Almost Done!!

keep twisting the blue wire until 4 cm space it left from end .
Cut the blue wire and glue the ends.

Step 4: Lets Join the Ends

Solder the connector and cover them with either black tape or any other fancy tape.

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