Introduction: Electro-Egg Penguin

About: chubby family chap recently returned to the 9-5 world and starting messing with some electronics to keep the mind (and four-year-old son) happy.

A fun and easy project where you can make a little ornament.

Step 1: Gather Your Bits

3v coin cell battery
3mm LED
bits of wire
Something to make feed (cardboard or foam)

Sharp Knife
Soldering Iron & Lead
Paints and brushes

Step 2: Prep the Egg

Get a pan of water boiling vigorously and pop your egg in gently. If it cracks, eat it, and boil a new one for the penguin.

When it is out, chop the bottom off using the sharpest knife you can. Be careful, blood stains will make the finished penguin look rubbish.

Step 3: Scoop 'n' Sketch

Very carefully scoop all the egg out, and make a little hole using something VERY sharp - it needs to be just big enough to squeeze the LED through. Be careful not to break the egg, or to stab yourself... trips to the hospital can get expensive.

Sketch out the basic features so you know where to paint.

Step 4: Paint the Egg

Paint the egg and let it dry out. If you have a four-year-old lying around, you can use it to paint the egg for you.

Find some thick cardboard or foam and cut out a base in the shape of some feet. Paint and let dry.

Step 5: Make a Little Circuit

I'm sure I've made a hash of this... I hadn't soldered before. I soldered a piece of bell wire to the LED and used sticky tape to attach to a 3V battery (apparently, soldering directly to the battery can cause problems if the cell overheats). The longer arm of the LED needs to be connected to the positive side of the battery.

Step 6: Finish It Off

Poke the LED from the inside to make a nose, and bend the contacts on the LED using some pliers and the wire to position it properly. Use a little bit of craft glue to secure the egg to the feet, and you're done.