Introduction: ElectroLuminescent Bumper Sticker

[Featured in the February 4th Newsletter]

As you folks know by now, I am a Geek (and proud of it)
who has added a computer to my car;

Today I am going to show you how to take EL panel from a tee shirt
and convert it and install on your car as a EL Bumper sticker
and geek out your ride.

I predict that  EL bumper stickers will become popular in a year or two

WOW - Gizmoto featured me!

Now EnGadget!!

I'm being picked up by alot of tech blogs!

Step 1: The Materials

I was looking thru a geek gear catalog and came upon this tee shirt
(best price $19 with free shipping)

you also need some double stick tape for fabric (sold at craft shops)
a 12v to 5v USB car adapter and some industrial double stick foam tape
(we ALL have that already!)

12v access in the back of your car (ignition switched power is best)

The design is animated, and shows Wi-Fi signal around the area
the less wi-fi the less bars display, also no wi-fi will turn the tower icon off

Here is a link to the shirt animated

Step 2: Building the Power Supply (part 1)

The unit is powered with three AAA batteries (4.5v) so I am pulling out the battery
compartment and incorporating a 12v to 5v Power converter (any USB power outlet will do)
adding leads to attach to my tail lights (so it lights up only at night)

Here is the case opened up (Picture 2)
I removed the EL power supply (Picture 3)
and snaked the 5v power leads into the battery compartment (picture 4)

Step 3: Building the Power Supply (part 2)

I bought a 12v to 5V converter at a auto parts store ($3.00)
you can use MOST cell phone adapters for this, there pretty much all 5v, but use a VOM meter to check the voltage just to be on the safe side,

Opening up the 12v to  5v converter (picture 1)
using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the small screws and take apart the

Removing the board (picture 2)
Just gently pull out the board, make sure you don't yank the wires out

Adding longer wires to the board (picture 3)
Solder about 6" of red/black wire, so you have plenty of room to hook
up to the wires in your car

Drilling the case for the 12v leads, and for the LED indicator (picture 4)

attaching the wires to the board (picture 5)

Gluing down the module, and tucking the wires in place (picture 6)

The finished product (pictures 7 and 8)
[Notice the LED]

Step 4: Preparing the EL Display

Taking fabric double stick tape, I put three strips of tape so the whole piece is covered.
this will give a nice even adhesion to the glass, and the tape is clear, so there is no real
degradation of the image to the outside. Plus my car has a bit of a tint in the back window
so it really did a nice job hiding the fact there was anything there.

Step 5: Mounting in the Car

Since this IS high voltage, and I don't know enough yet about waterproofing
I mounted the EL display on my back window, with the power supply / wi-fi sensor
mounted behind the rear panel of my hatchback

Because everyone's car is different, These pictures may not be helpful,
But I posted a few anyway

The unit mounted to the Glass, and the High voltage wire, mounted to the frame [Picture 2]
Another picture of  the EL Display [Picture 3]
The Power unit mounted in the door [Picture 4]
(I may have to relocate it, or add a antenna to get a better wi-fi reception)

Step 6: The Finished Product

It's amazing how lame the Apple sticker now looks,
My next project, I will make a EL apple logo! (DONE!)