Introduction: Electromagnetic Staff

This project helps reach otherwise unreachable ferromagnetic objects. It could be used to help people with disabilities but personally, I built it because it is really cool. :)

Step 1: What You Need

  • Wire (make sure it can handle the voltage of your battery, I used dog fence wire.)
  • 1-inch diameter pole
  • Bolt to fit pole (Larger is better.)
  • Switch
  • Battery (larger for the greater magnetic field but be wary with high voltages, and amperage, I used a drill battery.)

Step 2: Wrapping

The hardest step is wrapping take your wire a bit up the bolt as close as possible without overlapping. Continue up then wrap with electrical tape go back down then wrap again, repeat this process as much as possible, the more you wrap the more powerful the magnetic field will be. In my project, I think I wrapped it around seven times wich worked well. Also, leave a good amount of wire at the beginning to wrap down the pole.

Step 3: Wiring

Wire the wire to the switch and then to the battery be cautious because high voltages can harm you and remember your technically shorting out the battery. I used a drill battery in my video and it worked pretty well.

Step 4: Check Out My Other Videos

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this, check out my other videos for more projects similar to this and please subscribe thanks. :)

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