Introduction: Electronic Appliance Protector in Less Then 100 Rupees

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This circuit is fairly simple I guess . it can protect our many electronic appliances from high voltage damage.

Step 1: Video

Watch video for more info or visit my channel for more videos

Step 2: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)

This is the main component of entire module it costs 20 rupees. It is connected in parallel in circuit 1st pin to Phase and 2nd to Neutral. It can be rated various voltage threshold, suppose it is rated at 300v when voltage Increases above 300v then it acts like wire and consume lots of power or draw lots of current.

Step 3: Fuse

We all know about fuse ,when current flow increases above rated value then it blows instantly depends on type of fuse i recommend to use fast blow fuse for good results.

Step 4: MKP Capacitor

Capacitors are used in this circuit to Dump high voltage spikes, I Utilizes 0.47uF 275v MKP for my project.

Step 5: Connector

I have Used 2x connector in this project to connect Input and output Connections.

Step 6: 5mm LED Bulbs

Led Bulb are used for indication when circuit connected to power.

Step 7: 100k Resistor

100k Ohm resistor used in series with 5MM Red LED bulb, it limits the current for LED.

Step 8: Schematic

Working of this module is simple, when voltage at input increases above 300v (rated voltage of MOV) then MOV acts like a wire and draws lots of current so fuse got blow then aoe circuit becomes protected.

Step 9: All Done

Make your Own , let me notify in comment section below.